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Komiksová výzva


International comic book festival KOMA is looking for new artists!
Submit your comics, based on this year’s topic DEADLINE!
The closing day is 31. 7. 2023.
Format: shorter comics up to 15 pages, format A4 to A2, pdf or jpg
Where to mail:
Selected works will be exhibited for the entire duration of the festival and published in KOMA 2023 festival catalogue. Processing of the topic is entirely up to your imagination! There are no limits when it comes to technique or language, we welcome both finished pieces and works in progress. Not that we would choose only finished comics, however we will be better for them. Dramaturgic selection will choose from works exactly how we received them, till the final date of 31. 7. 2023.

For more information, please contact us at or
DEADLINE is phenomenon, that in many cases describes presence and to some level narrates the future. At the expense of mental health and overall wellbeing, we are pushed by our environment into endless productivity. Negative, even neurotic character of deadline, which is final and unchangeable, is generating pressure and anxiety of inevitable. Deadline though doesn´t have to necessarily include only negative connotations. If we know the final date, goals and impacts, we have a chance to prepare ourselves in time and responsibly face challenges, that are in front of us. And when the deadline is finally met, we can enjoy relief, a sense of accomplishment, euphoria and well-deserved rest.