Opencall 2020 | TABOO

Dates: 8 – 11 October 2020
Registration: until 31st July 2020
Location: former prison in Cejl Street, Bratislavská 68, Brno, CZ
Dimensions: short – form comic works up to 15 pages, from A4 format (210 x 297 mm) to A2 format (420 x 594 mm)
Submit to:

Welcome the sixth year of (inter)national festival KOMA and the 2020 comic call for artists!

Imaginary gate of comic world will open from 8 to 11 October 2020 for the time being in former prison on Cejl street. As the previous years, this KOMA too has a main topic, which has been selected by the team of dramaturges as Taboo.
Genius loci of the old Brno prison and its surrounding streets calls for matter of questions hidden yet ubiquitous, witnessing past and current state of being in our society. Where is the border between approved, official, accepted and unwanted, concealed or overshadowed? Behind the curtain of the spiritual and social conventions, Taboo allures by attractivness of the forbidden, and at the same time scares by the fear of humiliation and rejection.

For that reason, we call all the creative spirits to send us their works on the topic Taboo.
Let´s bring up the matter into social discourse all together.

As the inspiration for creative process, a look at taboo arising from history to all possible present meanings of the word as
► religion, death and altered states of conciousness, or fear of speaking of what makes us happy, tabooed causes of exclusion from mainstream society for social, religious, gender or other reasons, can serve as a good source.

We accept shorter works of approximately 15 pages in A4 to A2 format. There is no limitation on the use of technique and language, we welcome finished pieces as well as works in progress. Nontheless, the dramaturgic selection will only include the works in the form in which they will be submitted until 15th of July 2020. That does not apply that the works have to be strictly completed, however they certainly have better chances.

Submitted works will be reviewed and selected for the exhibition by our jury of curators. Part of the works will be published in comic catalogue of festival KOMA 2020.

KOMA is the first international festival of its kind in Brno representing contemporary comics art. Comic iniciatives KOMIXXX – Šaufenstr Gallery – Aargh! Magazine united to present various forms of comics and contemporary art as two interconnected worlds for the fifth time now. Through elements in form of exhibitions, live painting, visual art installations, symposiums, film projections, workshops, comic fairs, concerts, theatres or storytelling, visitors are drawn into individual events which are altogether moulding KOMA into one living organism.

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