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Nonstop / Exhibition on Sunday, October 15th, 4 PM

As every year, the festival hosts a charity painting show. This year, the proceeds will go to support the Ratolest Brno organisation. You can watch the art pieces form in front of your very eyes directly at the KOMA festival. The artists have 4 days to complete their works and there are no limits to the imagination of the DEADLINE theme. Come and see how the work is created and choose your favourite!

This year's artists are:

Dominik Dobeš - an artist, graphic designer, stylist and teacher has a colourful artistic story behind him. His artistic work is dominated by public art, illustration and painting.

Veronika Šikulová / Mother Of Puppets - a cartoonist, you may know her from the drawing battle in previous years, every year she contributes to the benefit painting with a dose of her specific embellished humour.

Kristýna Hejlová - artist, tattooist and jewellery designer, her work includes mysticism and dark symbolism, fascination with temples and altars or bones and ossuaries.

Jitka Rufferová - cartoonist and illustrator with a characteristic and very convincing drawing.

Ondra Malina - cartoonist, artist, lives in Prague and when he is not working, he runs around the Vltava River. He likes cats and chickens.

Dalibor Krch - perhaps already legendary comic cartoonist, author of many illustrations, comics and maybe even graffiti KOMA2022, vegetarian.

Eliška Podešvová / JEN SEN Tattoo - a Brno-based tattoo artist and designer with a very distinctive handwriting, a stalwart of benefit painting

Markéta Profeldová / Marketa Profeld tattoo - tattoo artist, draughtswoman and artist with abstract, fragile but very distinctive drawings.

Šárka Motyčková - cartoonist, illustrator and designer, a stalwart of charity painting, in previous years you could find references to current political and social events in their works.

Tomáš Staněk - comic author, cartoonist and a young and promising artist gifted in all directions.

Alžběta Čechová - a cartoonist and tattoo artist performing under the name Anarchbeta.von.bohemia tattoo, active in the Brno underground art scene, where she tattoos, creates linocuts and organizes workshops.

AENT - tattoo artist, draughtsman and designer from Brno.

The auction of the works will take place ONLINE on Facebook after the festival!

The charity event, which is attended by both established authors and new faces, is intended this year to raise money for the Brno organization Ratolest Brno, located at the nearby tr. Kapitána Jaroše. The financial support will be directed towards social services and volunteer development activities.

Ratolest Brno z.s. is a non-profit organization that has been providing social and preventive services to socially disadvantaged children, young people and entire families in difficult life situations in Brno and the surrounding area since 1995, so that they have an equal chance to live a quality life and integrate into society. As part of our activities we support and develop volunteering.