Like every year, part of the festival space will be occupied by the Comic Book Shop where you can go through and buy comic books and other art from various publishers and artists. More about each subject at the links below.

Tonto Comics a House Books (AT)
Decadence Comics (UK)
Acquaspazio (DE)
Lipnik (CZ)
ArtMap (CZ)
Bylo nebylo (CZ)

Filip [Fylyppos] Zatloukal (CZ)
Studio Upupæpop (CZ)
FŮD Magazine (CZ)
Vulkan Gallery (HU)


Have you become a fan of KOMA Festival?
Get a bag or a t-shirt with our visual design of 2018 at our KOMA SHOP.
... because a KOMA doggy is fan's best friend.

Design: Tereza Bierská a Jakub Konvica

Who are they?
This year's EXTINCTION topic bring a doggy collection from the edge of society.
The 1st one is the three-headed Kerberos, who is anoyed by waiting by the Underworld passage.
The 2nd one is a X-MAN mutant who can turn in a brick wall in a second.
The 3rd one is a KOMA fan, he listens to metal, goes to gym and tattoes cover over 50 % of his shaved body.
The 4th one is submisive, he loves bondage and roleplaying.
The 5th one is an artificial intelligence inspired by real robots.
The 6th one is secretly dressing up as a human. He would like to reset the robot, he's a humanist.