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Friday, October 14, 2022 at 9:00 PM

The creative collective Tehno Muda (Techno Bollocks), founded in 1999 in Vrsac, was initially more of a musical group than a musical illustrator of a comic book depicting the mental processes of the Vrsac underground scene - Wostok. Since then DJ Zlikovac, Boca & Wostok have independently produced 10 albums in their recording studio Circular Vitious, using the strangest playing and mixing techniques. There are many ways to enjoy this jerky and ironic mix of reggae, dub, ethno styles, heavy metal and punk.

Who and what are Tehno Muda?
The answer to the question who is Tehno Muda is quite easy, it is my father God (77 years old) and me, Volkan Milosev (now 40 years old). We use a computer and my father's voice. I work with recordings I made when I was 29, because that's when my dream came true, when I learned to play guitar. You could say that the band itself is a product of a combination of my own extreme autism and my father's performative talents. My inability to communicate normally forced me to seek other means of artistic expression than the usual four-piece musical groups with guitars, bass, drum player…
The computer seemed to be the ideal tool to go beyond the classical framework of things, it became for me the right link between an idea and its realization, a tool with which even an amateur can create music. Moreover, there is no need to have the developed hand motor skills necessary for controlling musical instruments. An autistic person does not have enough energy to communicate with the outside world. When it comes to the need to communicate with several members in a band, it's almost a superhuman task. The computer becomes your artistic mirror without anyone else in between. It's a kind of therapy.