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Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 1:30 PM

Diaries document the last year of the author's life, primarily focusing on the course of the AVU admissions process and the graduation exams. The entries that depict the author's senior year of high school include on-the-spot drawings, later finished at home, a textual component in the form of conversational snippets and notes, and inserted miscellaneous objects found throughout the day. In a playful format, the author illustrates a vivid picture of everyday life affected by deadlines.

*Veronika Zetochová (2003)** is a graduate of Illustration at the Secondary School of Art and Design Brno and a current student of the Graphic Design 1 Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her work is strongly influenced by Michal Cihlář's travel diaries, which she encountered at the beginning of her second year. As her studies progressed, she developed a satisfactory approach to her own records. She has now kept her diaries for three years and is finishing her 11th volume.