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Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 3:30 PM

Seafood is an interactive artwork created by third-year students from Gymnázium Brno, located at Třída Kapitána Jaroše street. Using polyethylene foam, the authors have crafted a monumental replica of a plastic cup, upon which they have placed white surfaces carrying individual story elements. These elements can be set in motion by visitors using their mobile phones and the Artivive application.

The narrative was made via the technique of cutout stop-motion animation. The main protagonist, Boris, lives in his healthy world and enjoys it there. However, one fateful day, he becomes entranced by the unexplored depths of the orange sea and decides to venture into it. There, he discovers a new world of unhealthy food™, which completely engulfs him. The cup replica is also adorned with texts presenting slightly altered slogans from well-known fast-food chains.

The main motivation of the authors is to highlight the unsustainable consumption of fast food and the amount of waste that this seemingly endless cycle generates. Humanity faces a deadline—and it is impossible for humanity to continue its consumptive way of life. Planet Earth does not possess limitless possibilities and inexhaustible resources.

What lies within this mysterious, three-dimensional, and somewhat comical cup? Nothing... it's all about what's on it! Come and dive into the depths of orange juice, where unhealthy food transforms into dangerous monsters. The Seafood is waiting for you!