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Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 3:30 PM

Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880–1919) was a politician, general, astronomer, scientist, world citizen and, above all, an adventurer. Perhaps one of the most unique characters in modern Czechoslovak history. A few years after Štefánik's untimely death, the sculptor Bohumil Kafka sets on a journey through Štefánik’s life. He searches for who Štefánik really was - in the eyes of his family, friends, colleagues and mistresses. However, every new meeting and encounter warps the well-known image of this personality, whom Kafka has to immortalize into a monumental statue. A comic book novel about a man with many faces. Which one is the real one? A man of great gestures and petty weaknesses. Funny, sociable, lonely, ambitious, misunderstood. Careerist, seducer, braggart and Don Quixote. A story about the masks we wear and about the (in)possibility of really getting to know one another.

Václav Šlajch is an illustrator and screenwriter. He illustrates for newspapers, magazines, and books. The author of a number of comics. Graduate of the Institute of Art and Design in Pilsen with the comic book 815 tajemství fialové krabičky (815 secrets of a purple box) and Lvice v trní (The Lioness in the Thorns). He currently runs a media illustration studio in Sutnarka in Pilsen. He is the author of the comics Pro čtyři zlaté (For Four Gold Pieces) (Hal2000, 2001), ,Šedošedá realita (Hal2000, 2003) Gray-Gray Reality (Hal2000, 2003), Z cizího krev neteče (Blood does not flow from a Stranger) (Bedeman 7, 2004), Bedeman X-mass show (Bedeman 8, 2005), O nemrtvých jen dobře (Never talk ill of the undead) (Sborník O nemrtvých jen dobře, 2005), Honzíkova nová knížka (Honzík’s new book)(CZekomiks, 2006), Cesta do neznáma (Journey to the Unknown) (KomiksFest! revue 01, 2008), Historia Metodeana (Aargh 9, 2010) – he received the Muriel prize in 2010 for this , Na ptákách (Generace nula: Český komiks 2000–2010, 2010), Stařec a hoře (The Old Man and the Mountain) (Aargh 10, 2011), etc.