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Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Brian loves drawing. He draws the various oddities, which are not even from this world. His manners seem to be quite weird sometimes. His friends celebrate in the room behind him (light years far away from his own thoughts). His mind has moved to another world, where all is brighter, more vivid, while beautiful Laurie approaches him at the party. She cannot take her eyes off his drawings. Brian at once scares and magnetizes her. What goes on in his head? Isn't that boy a walking bummer? And what do the extra-terrestrial jellyfish mean? The Dédales is a new three-volume comic series created by Charles Burns, where human unconsciousness, strong coffee and white-black horrors play a part. This year Trystero publisher has released the second volume.

Charles Burns was born 1955 in Washington, D.C. He grew up in Seattle. As a little boy he loved Hergé´s Tintin stories. He studied engraving and photography. As a professional he established himself in the magazine RAW in 1981. He has published short novels, three of them translated into Czech. In collection Skin Deep (1992, č. 2011), and longer comics, e.g. El Borbah (1983, č. 2012), a story about a detective-fighter with a small head. In 1990, he created a Iggy Pop´s Brick by Brick cover and became well known to the public. From 1995 to 2004, he published a comics novel The Black Hole as single chapters, published as a whole one year later. X´ed Out comics were edited in 2010, then The Hive (2012) and Sugar Skull (2014), in one compact trilogy Last Look (collected edition 2016). Burns honoured Hergé and his Tintin by a visual form of a main hero, by an anagram of his name Nitnit or other theme allusions in this trilogy. Charles Burns was given seven Harvey Awards for The Black Hole, Ignatz Award and in 2007 he was awarded by jury in Angoulême for outstanding comics work.