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Friday, October 14, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Combining live narration with real-time illustration. The heart of this festival. The storytellers are looking forward to it, the illustrators are usually scared of it, but they still want to try it. What a pair! The storyteller has at least a rough idea of what he wants to tell the audience with his story, but can he also connect with his artist? The artist has to be guided by a story he hasn't heard before. Can he find a point for his painting in it? Will two artistic languages merge into one? Come and see two couples thrown into a joint improvisation. Adrenaline will be flying through the air.

Comic artists:
Tomáš Staněk (CZ) was born in 1994 in Prague.
After graduating at PORG high school in Prague, he continued his studies at the department of illustration and comics at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen where he received his master’s degree.
He published comic books METRO (2017) and HOLIDAYS (2021). Besides drawing, free and mural painting, he is busy creating zines, occasional tattooing and collecting horcruxes. He is also a rapper in the DBKL band.
Tomáš currently lives and works in Prague, which is also one of his strongest foundations for his creative work.
insta: @tms.stnk1

Filip Zatloukal (CZ) graduated in the Studio of Visual Arts And Crafts in Štětí and the Book Printing department in Prague. In 2017, he co-created an association and gallery called Artrafika. In his practice, he is focused on drawing comics, illustration and printmaking. He currently works as illustrator of visual identities for project Different City Experience, create designs for Alegre craft roastery in Prague and recently designed visual style for the movie festival Městem. In his illustrations, he is focused on environments that often consist of scraps or waste. Along with the above, Filip is also author of the main theme of comics Mezitah the main cartoonist.