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Friday, October 13, 2023 at 6:00 PM

The opening of the exhibition Srdcovka, which explores what actually creates a romantic bond, and what role genetics and the model of our parents' relationship play, or whether it is a purely magical process that we cannot grasp. The author will also talk about the new superhero comics and the world of Supro™, where people no longer have to pay for superpowers by, for example, falling into radioactive waste - they just have to pay. What would you do to become a superhero? Join us and the author to think about these topics.

What creates a romantic bond? Can we blame the genetics, does the model of our parents’ relationship play a role, or is it purely a magical, unfathomable process? What if every relationship you enter is an exact copy of the one you just ended?

Srdcovka examines gender roles, growing up in post-socialist times of the 90s, and “studies” love and its psychological theories. From childhood to puberty and adulthood, the author leads readers through an intimate path of self-discovery. But with love comes abuse, with lovemaking comes sexual violence and with relationships come breakups. This deeply personal autobiographical book is not only a declaration of love, but also a declaration of love to comic books, toying with panel composition and media possibilities that add new and meta-textual meanings to scenes.

Supro: Heroes in Debt
What would you do to become a superhero? In the world of Supro™, you don’t have to pay for your superpowers with a fall into radioactive waste, a traumatic loss of family or come from a different planet. All you have to do is…pay. Can’t afford that? Don’t worry! Our assistance programme offers a whole lot of affordable loans!

Ida dreams of a superhero life even more after wasting her first chance. Meanwhile, her girlfriend Evelína and her twin Theo are basking in fame and glory. Their lives could not be more different. When strange coincidences, which almost cost Ida her life, start to pile up, she can’t believe it could be part of a very well-thought-out plan. Who could make money by eliminating someone so irrelevant, so non-supro as her?

Supro™: Heroes in Debt is a satirical look at a world full of superheroes, which connects societal critique with romance drama and a thriller. Behind this amazing work from the young adult genre are Štěpánka Jislová (Bez vlasů, Milada Horáková), Viktor Svoboda (Rychlé šípy a jejich úžasná nová dobrodružství) a Martina Fischmeister (La Loba).