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Friday, October 8, 2021 at 4:30 PM

In a regular comic strip for UNI magazine, artist and musician Richard Fischer always performs one song that has recently caught his fancy. By drawing, he takes the reader back to his musical memories and the places associated with them, without the boundaries of musical genres and artists. Can you tell which song he has just chosen?

Richard Fischer is a comic artist contributing illustrations to magazines and books. He creates comics using a distinctive method of cartoon collage. From detailed pencil sketches, through the preparation of a colour range of papers from his extensive archive of papers of different colours, ages and damage (his favourites are age-yellowed stationery and tracing paper, used cut paper, cheap wrapping paper, but also new and expensive cardboard or scraps of rare baroque handmade papers from the 18th century. He feels free to combine them with unusable glossy toilet paper from the seventies), after transferring the lines of the drawing with the help of a transparency or a photocopier onto individual papers, which he cuts with a scalpel and glues into the original composition. He continues with a title drawing in ink markers, resulting in a multi-colored, layered image. This is also how he prepared his best-known comic Rváčov (2019), the second sequel of which he is currently working on.