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Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 3:15 PM

The set of drawings was created on the initiative of Tezera Severová, a curator of exhibition project Lighting eyes (for Festival 4+4 Days in Motion), in which she confronted approaches of artists-parents (fortyish who grew up without internet access) and their children grew up in age of internet, media and social networks. In her text How exactly our children perceive reality? Tereza Severová has focused on the idea: ‘Their perspective of the world has been undoubtedly created by experience with electronic and informative networks. Some professionals even suppose that the effect of technologies on human and educational progress is so revolutionary that in near future changes comparable to evolutional discontinuity (e.g. Don Tapscott already in 1987 described the youngest generation as Net Generation) might be expected. Marc Prensky even defined children born after 1980 as digital natives, while those born before who grew up in an analogue world were defined as digital immigrants‘. Herotová goes on the series even after the end of the project.

Petra Herotová graduated from FAVU VUT (Fine Arts – Graphic study programme led by Margita Titlová) in Brno, then from UMPRUM (Jiří David´s Intermedia confrontation studio) in Prague. She completed an internship at Academy of Fine Arts (Vladimír Skrepl, Studio of Painting). In her conceptual art work she has pursued stereotypes of human roles in society above all puting in her autobiographical elements such as own family, emotions, values of personal identity, etc. In a formal way Herotová has been working on texts, drawing plans, charts or maps, performances or videos. She won Startpoint Prize in 2007 and besides many Czech and Slovak galleries she has presented her art works at common exhibitions in Łódź, Riga or Kunstmuseum in Bonn.