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Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 3:15 PM

The slaughterhouse is a black-humored grotesque. Like life, this book is primarily about being itself, with piles of naked bodies and bloody limbs forming the backdrop. But there is also the disillusionment of the fact that everything we experience may be no more than mere psychosis, illusion and delusion, when the question of "Who are we, where are we going and why?" insistently pops into our minds. Instead of an answer, we find that we are standing in a real shithole and someone has just pulled the flush.

Lukáš Freytag finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the studio of free and colour graphics under doc. Vojtech Kolenčík. He mainly works with comics, illustration, figure drawing and classical graphic technique. He is a member of the civic association Pomimo in Bratislava, where he teaches courses in figure drawing. During his master's studies at the Academy of Fine Arts he won the Egon Schiele Prize for the first prize in the international Figurama competition. In the field of illustration and comics, he has collaborated with the SME daily newspaper, the Móric Beňovský Association and also participated in a large exhibition of scientific illustrations at the Slovak National Museum entitled Man in Time and Space. His most recent work includes illustrations for the comic novel Slaughterhouse, written by Petr Měrka.

Petr Měrka, a Czech writer, writes for a number of periodicals, such as A2, Babylon, H_aluze, Labyrint revue, Protimluv, Psí víno or Živel, where, among others, we can also find the author's comic work. In 2007, he published his first collection of short stories under the title Telekristus a Mentál, for which Pavel Brázda designed the cover. In 2010, the same publishing house (Agite/Fra) published a fairy-tale novel Fantasmagorie televize. In the same year, a literary anthology (7edm) followed in which Měrka was represented by thirteen short texts. Two electronic titles followed: The Perfect Idiot and Pickled Toddler in the Czech original Batole v lihu (Amazon 2012). The same year, a book Hitler Is Smiling at You was published.