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Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 8:00 PM

Kicking off this year's series of concerts of the international comic festival KOMA, we present Nichi Mlebom and his “beautiful band” (Vendula Pukyšová / sinks, Antonín Mika / sinks / tér, Erik Hajtmánek / Endemit). This project is the brainchild of Julian Werl, an Austrian musician now based in the heart of Czech Republic, specifically Brno. During his time in our region, Julian released a self-titled album and EP titled Beat Tape, Vol.1, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the vibrant Brno DIY music scene.

These songs are crafted at home and reflect various aspects of life, touching on subjects such as mental health, relocating to a different country, and the feeling of oppression and exploitation within a system that struggles to love. All of this is wrapped in a package of catchy, yet thematically profound melodies, intricately tuned guitars, and rhythmic percussion.