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Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 6:00 PM

The exhibition Hermetic Years_Aftermath builds upon the conceptual foundation laid by the artist NꝊA in her previous work, Hermetic Years, which was showcased alongside her performance titled Knots at the 2021 UMUM Climate Festival in Stará Ľubovňa, Slovakia. The central question raised by the preceding exhibition was whether we would be the first generation to gradually suffocate ourselves through our own activities, particularly in the excessive production of plastics.
As a consequence of the overproduction of synthetic materials, microscopic particles, which even recycling struggles to effectively eliminate, are increasingly infiltrating our soil, water, air, and the very atmosphere itself. We wear plastics, live in them, consume them, and breathe them in. They are becoming integral to our biological world, and one could argue that we are gradually transforming into a synthetic universe, a pervasive plastic entity.

As a counterpoint to this concept, the exhibition presents digital drawings by Tomáš Lorenc. These drawings, through ironic, dreamlike, and sometimes humorous depictions, portray a near-future Earth in which we are more like "persistent insects" rather than self-proclaimed lords of creation.

The aim of this exhibition is to explore the state beyond the deadline – beyond that threshold we may have believed we would never cross. Is there still a chance to reverse this course? Can plastics and the nature contaminated by them establish a symbiotic partnership?

Tomáš Lorenc (CZ) is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts (FAVU) in Brno. He studied performance art under Professor Tomáš Ruller. His artistic interests are quite diverse, ranging from drawing and photography to video art, painting, graphics, as well as sound experiments combined with performance. In his artistic practice, he draws inspiration from conceptual and intuitive traditions. He is fascinated by advertising, slogans, nonsense, and slips of the tongue. In his works, he aims to create humorous narratives that border on awkwardness and absurdity. Among other activities, he also organises various artistic gatherings.

Jana Gazdagová aka NꝊA (SK), is a multimedia artist, art historian, and curator. In 2023, she founded the multi-genre art festival "Krehky fest," which reflects on so-called fragile subjects (feminism, the enduring issue of racism, LGBTIQA+ rights, minority and animal rights, environmental grief, health and mental disabilities, neurodiversity, social exclusion, housing unavailability, etc.) that resonate with today's society. In her artistic projects, often with environmental overtones, she combines text, dance, textile installations, and performance. She explores cultural anthropologies of past centuries and their reflection in today's world, as well as themes related to embodiment, neurodiversity, and its legacy.

She has also contributed as an author and director to productions such as I Want To Tell You Something (Chci ti něco říct – Co.labs, Sibiř, Nastevřeno, 2023), Four Walls (Čtyři zdi – KOMA, 2021), and WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR HEADS? (CO SE VÁM HONÍ HLAVOU? – BuranTeatr / Co.labs, 2020).