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MOVING SPACES – AVA collective (CZ)


Friday, October 8, 2021 at 8:00 PM

Moving Spaces is a project created by the core members of the Brno AVA collective, focusing on adventurous audio "site-specific" experiences in unusual locations. This approach is also reflected in the creative process of Moving Spaces.

Moving Spaces encourages listeners to move within a surrounding 4-channel soundscape that blends field recordings and "concrete" sounds. The resulting experience is usually shaped and finalised on the spot by the listener's movement interaction with the morphing sound space.

For KOMA, the Moving Spaces festival will prepare a performance for a sitting audience on the border between live improvisation and installation, in which the sounds collected in the building of the Káznice Prison and its surroundings will be used. The resulting sound assemblage inside the strongly resonating space of the chapel leads to associate the dark history of the prison and the potential of this space for the local community.