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Friday, October 13, 2023 at 4:45 PM

After the human society found a way to travel between stars, everything changed. With the discovery of almost limitless natural resources, countless amazing and life-abounding planets and even some intelligent animal species, people scattered to every corner of the universe. The current cosmic civilisation is rich and powerful, but completely decentralized. And history goes on. Information travels faster and in larger volumes, people move for work and the market economy takes overproduction to a whole new level. In a society not limited by possibilities of only one planet, nobody even cares anymore.

Filip Zatloukal studied Arts and Crafts in Štětí and Book Graphics in Prague. In 2017, he co-founded the Artrafika gallery and association. He draws comics, illustrates and does graphic work. Currently, he works as an illustrator on visual identities for “Zažít město jinak” and other projects. In illustration, he focuses on environments which often consist of scrap metal and trash. He is the author of the Mezitah comic’s theme and also the comic’s main illustrator.

Albert Maršík is a student of linguistics at the Philosophical faculty of Charles University. Albert worked as a screenwriter and literary manager when creating the Jádro pudla comic book. He specializes in conversation.

Markéta Černá graduated from the Art and Technology secondary school in Prague and continued to the Pedagogical college. She currently works as a teacher in after-school care. She still pursues art and presents herself as “Black Circles & co” on social media. Markéta’s drawing activities are accompanied and inspired by music. Amongst the motives you will encounter in her work are outer space, food, coffee, geometrical shapes, faces and time. She created graphics inside the universe of Jádro pudla and is the author of a bonus chapter.