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Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 2:00 PM

The exhibition captures ten years of creative work on children’s book called The Little Star. The heroine Hvězda (The Star) was first conceived in Matěj's head back in 2010 and went through various stages of development. First it was conceived to be portrayed as an animated film, but in 2020 it ended up as a book (in collaboration with playwright Beou Révay). According to the author himself: "…One can see and witness a huge leap, both artistically and narratively”

Matej Mazák (Matje!) Is an animator and illustrator, currently living and working in Bratislava. He studied promotional art at SUŠ in Trenčín and Animation at the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava. After finishing his studies, he moved back to Slovakia, so you will come across his name among animators in many Slovak projects - for example Hviezdny Taxík (2014), LokalFilmis (2014), Mimi and Líza (2018) or Websterovci (2018). He occasionally works with videomapping and is the author of many site-specific screenings that have been part of festivals such as Biela noc, Intervencie, Park Camp and The Festival of Light and Shadow. Last year, in collaboration with Bea Révay, he published his first comic book, The Little Star.