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Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 2:00 PM

Insider information from screenwriter and artist Martin Plšek. About writing, drawing and collaborating in the creative process. Tips, tricks, secrets of technique. US comics, Euro comics, Webtoons... The author will also present his two comics - Chronicle of Time and What Did You Learn at School Today?

Chronicle of Time is an action sci-fi noir with supernatural elements, set in the near future. The protagonist Peter, a former warrior with dangerous shadow creatures, can control time. During one encounter, he meets Isabella, a girl who also controls time, and becomes her protector. Because of Peter's job (bodyguard to the local don), the two become involved in events that will affect the future of the entire town. Screenplay by Peter Kováčik

What did you learn at school today? is a six-page short story, the first novel by Australian author Luke Reid, published in 2020. The characters don't have names, they are all just prototypes of characters from funny high school stories: the handsome guy, the nerd, the jock, etc. For the author, it was an experiment with clean lines and stylization into comedic caricature.

Martin Plško is a Slovak comics author, illustrator, graphic designer, screenwriter, translator and animator. He studied art education at the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague, co-published the comics anthology SK Adamantium and co-organised several editions of the SK Comics Salon festival. He has been working professionally in comics for more than 20 years. Chronologically he belongs to Generation Zero. He publishes digitally (Comixology/Amazon, Webtoon, online comics) and in print (ARGO, Analphabet Books, Stache Publishing, Markosia, Action Lab, Scoot, ...). He is currently working primarily on the Ninja Scouts and Chronicle of Time comic book series and the Dinosaur series of children's books.