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Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 1:45 PM

The scene is set in an open space office of an unnamed corporate company. We witness the crisis of ex top manager Alma. We follow her through her workday begins with a seance with a corporate psychologist, then continues with stressful tasks, micromanages her workmates and face up their mockery and slander as she tries to fight her addiction. The story was created in collaboration with a script writer Vadim Kuskov as a part of a project of AAAD+FAMU.

Lucie Lučanská is an illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated from the illustration and graphic design studio of Juraj Horváth at UMPRUM in Prague and spent a year as a university intern in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has illustrated and designed covers for the cultural fortnightly magazine A2, her drawings can be found in magazines such as Kiosk, Živel, Psí víno, Illustration Weekly, fanzines such as Nuctemeron, etc. She has published several (authorial) books, such as Zombie girls, Týden hokusu, Book about calm, Stín kapradiny… Her work has appeared in exhibitions in Germany, Slovakia, Japan and Austria.
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