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Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 6:15 PM

In this project, the experienced comics author ventures into unexplored territory not only in the context of her previous work, but also within the framework of contemporary Czech comics. The result is a book that uniquely and pioneeringly combines the genre of diary entries and micro-stories with autobiographical comics. The comic diary thus brings day after day not only everyday funny and touching experiences from one year of the author's life, but also originally shows the possibilities of spontaneous and authentic writing and drawing in the genre of contemporary civilian comics. In doing so, she quite naturally goes beyond the purely personal to more general themes such as aging, caring for loved ones, children growing up, friendship and the mundanity of artistic creation. All this with a unique eye for detail, empathy, self-irony and gentle humour.

Lucie Lomová studied theatre dramaturgy, has been drawing comics since the late 1980s and occasionally draws illustrations for magazines and books. She is the author of the popular children's series Anča a Pepík, which was published in Čtyřlístek for ten years. Later it was published in several volumes and Czech Television made a thirteen-part animated series based on it, in which the author made a significant contribution. Her adaptation of Erben's fairy tales (Golden Czech Fairy Tales, 2008) is also aimed at children. The first comic book for adult readers was Anna Wants to Jump (2007), followed by the cartoon novel The Savages (2011), and the comic detective story Na odstřel (2014). Lucie Lomová has been collaborating with the ČT Déčko website for many years, mainly on the popular Advent and Easter calendars. She has won several Muriel Awards, most recently for her latest comic Every Day is New (for Best Book and the Czech Comics Academy Award).