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Do you like KOMA festival and its visuals?

Then our MERCH is here for you - this year
in addition to a KOMA poster, bag and t-shirt, you can
you can also get a sweatshirt (because autumn evenings are cold),
sticker or KOMIXESO - an exclusive UPGRADE of the classic
pexes, where you will find instructions for creating your own original

Design by Tereza Bierská, Jakub Konvica and traditionally also LAJKA.
This year, as part of the UPGRADE theme, she has improved her
doll. (She always has a large supply of balls! She wears her keys on skewers!
With a water hose with a special attachment, she's never bored!
She has her own boomerang that automatically packs poop into a bag
and takes it to the trash! And it has unlimited amounts of PES brand goodies!)

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