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Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 2:45 PM

A little ghost goes about their day. How do you go about yours? A short, silent comic welcoming readers of all ages to contemplate the comings and goings of everyday life.

Kit Liu is a visual artist living and working in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Born and raised by the sole cemetery in the city, Kit is interested in the time collated in spaces dedicated to death and the dead; where culture, religion, and heritage converge in our mortal realm.
Kit graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Illustration. Other than comic art, she is an intaglio printmaker, creating copper plate etchings for most of her practice. Kit is also an avid fan of professional wrestling and combat sports, and enjoys running outdoors to very loud music.