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Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 6:30 PM

Our story begins with the discovery of a famous painting by Max Švabinský. Behind the calm face in the portrait an extraordinary woman is hidden. History knows Baroness Sidonie Nádherná (1885-1950) as the muse regularly visited by Rainer Maria Rilke and Karl Kraus at the castle of Vrchotovy Janovice. Through four chapters on her relationships with the most important men in her life, however, we discover yet another personality. Sidonie was not only a perceptive and educated femme fatale, but also a strong and emancipated woman with a rich inner world. She loved art, travel and nature, and was one of the first female environmentalists and driver's license holders in our country. In her letters and diaries, she commented on the dramatic upheavals of the 20th century and the futile efforts to save her family's heritage. Her emphasis on equality, freedom and the nurturing and development of her own spirit remains inspirational to this day.

Tereza Srbová studied cultural studies at the Faculty of Arts in Prague. Her work as a model in Paris led her to acting and film. She has starred in films by cult directors and in successful American series, and studied screenwriting at UCLA in California. She has directed several short films based on her own scripts. The creation and process of preparing a comic book draft for the story about the life of Sidonie Nádherná was influenced by, among other things, her friendship and collaboration with Jaromír 99.

Petra Josefína Stibitzová graduated from Illustration and Graphic Design, the UMPRUM in Prague with the comic book trilogy The Plague (based on a script by Milada Mašínová). She works in illustration and comics. She has illustrated books for a number of Czech publishing houses, and her book The Mystery of Pebble Mountain (written by Bára Dočkalová) was nominated for the Magnesia Literary Award. She is a regular contributor to the children's magazine Raketa and, in addition to children's books, has illustrated educational materials for the Czech Philharmonic in recent years. When she is not drawing, she likes to go on trips (with a sketchbook).