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Book launch

Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 4:30 PM

In ancient times, human greed led to a conflict of nature with other creatures. The Earth was covered in a thick fog, and villages were being attacked by wild animals. Gerta, a young protagonist of this story, has one wish after losing both parents to a monster attack: that no one else experiences the same pain she did. She had to become a warrior to accomplish her goal, but this position belongs only to men. That’s why she decides to attend an initiation test in secret…

Thus, an adventure begins, one that is much more than simple revenge. Gerta learns to change her point of view, accept different opinions, and, thanks to her peacefulness, completely alters her fate and the fate of her people.

Francesca Carità, born in Asti in 1993, studied comics at the International School of Comics in Florence. She illustrated Il tesoro perduto di Nora on texts by Marco Rocchi published by Star Comics (2021) and published in France for Jungle (2023) and Spain for Liana Editorial (2023). She published for Tunué as an illustrator, again with texts by Marco Rocchi, Le due metà della Luna (2017), published also in Spain, and Gherd la ragazza della nebbia (2019), published also in US, in France, in Spain and in Poland and Czech Republic by Centrala. She collaborated on Stagioni, four stories (and a half) for Emergency (2017). She drew The Mapmaker vols. 1 and 2 for Scout Comics (USA, 2021) with texts by Benjamin Slabak. She illustrated a short story for Grumpy Cat: Christmas Edition for Dynamite Comics (USA, 2022). She is currently working on new comics in collaboration with major French publishers, like Atomick Lucas soon published by Jungle Editions.

Script: Marco Rocchi
Illustration: Francesca Carità
Translation from Italian: Vladimír Zavadil