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Live reading

Friday, October 14, 2022 at 4:30 PM

Live reading by authors

After human society found a way to travel into stars, everything has changed. With the discovery of virtually unlimited natural resources, a great many of amazing planets vibrating with life, and even a few intelligent animal species, people fled in all the directions of space. The current space civilization is rich and powerful, yet it is completely decentralized.

Anka, Eliška and their dog Malér are keeping their distance from people. Together, they travel to abandoned shipwrecks and collect what others left in the darkness of the cosmos. When they find something useful, they plant it on their ship or sell it on a market. They can make a good living this way and as long as they are together, they don’t miss a thing. What are they going to do though when one day, bandits steal their ship away and leave them to their fate on a deserted military cruiser wreck adrift through the emptiness of universe?

Filip Zatloukal graduated in the Studio of Visual Arts And Crafts in Štětí and the Book Printing department in Prague. In 2017, he co-created an association and gallery called Artrafika. In his practice, he is focused on drawing comics, illustration and printmaking. He currently works as illustrator of visual identities for project Different City Experience, create designs for Alegre craft roastery in Prague and recently designed visual style for the movie festival Městem. In his illustrations, he is focused on environments that often consist of scraps or waste. Along with the above, Filip is also author of the main theme of comics Mezitah the main cartoonist.

Albert Maršík graduated in the department of Czech studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague. When he was making the comics Nitty-Gritty, he also worked as a scriptwriter and dramaturge.

Markéta Černá graduated from Secondary School of Art and Design in Prague, Žižkov (Department of Toy Making) and continued her studies at The Post-secondary School of Pedagogy. She currently works as an educator in after school care. And she continues to pursue her creative goals. On social networks, Markét appears under the name Black Circles & co. Her creative drawing activity is accompanied and inspired by music. Some motives that you can encounter in her works are space, food, coffee, geometric shapes, faces or time. For the comics Nitty-Gritty, she created graphic prints inside the world and she is also author of the entire bonus chapter.