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Dance performance

Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM

A daily cycle of life between four walls. Who can we trust? And on the contrary, who musn’t we trust? How thin is the borderline between freedom and imprisonment.

Four Walls is the authorial site-specific project of Jana Gazdagová and Denisa Tchelidze, set back in gestapo-occupied Brno. Inspired by the memoirs of the warden Kristián Novotný, working in Brno’s Káznice prison in Cejl, it uncovers the world of women’s political prisons during the Protectorate era. “It is in no other place that we witness the human character and human nature appear and behave so openly and thus so horrifyingly, as between these walls.

Based on Kristián Novotný’s book Pouta a chléb (Handcuffs and Bread). The performance is co-produced by Amateatr and Balla Contemporary.