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Book launch

Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 12:00 AM

The new issue of the Fůd magazine, which focuses on contemporary engaged illustration, is called Cedník (or Colander, transl. note) - social exclusion in contemporary illustration. You will find, for example:an article on how the Black Lives Matter or Strajk Kobiet movements left their marks on the illustration scene, comics based on the stories of Roma children from excluded localities, interviews with illustrator Clémence Gouy and comic book artist Valentine Gallardo, as well as reviews and drawings by authors who have been working on similar themes in the long-term. This edition will be introduced and presented by Bára Müllerová, Veronika Homolová and Barbora Tögel.

The launch of the new issue will take place during the exhibition in the presence of Tomáš Prokůpek.