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Beneficial live painting

This year once again, festival KOMA will include live painting during the light hours. This time, the paintings will be created on the topic UPGRADE. Visitors will hence be able to keep watching the process of creation of individual pieces and the work in progress of fifteen artists. Subsequently, these unique pieces may be acquired during the final beneficial auction and therefore make a contribution to the foundation VERDA fund.

For twenty years already (one full generation), endowment fund VERDA has supported Romany students and apprentices in the form of scholarships. Its activity is only financed by means of private donors, other endowment funds and volunteers. Thanks to the strict entry standards, just the students with good study results and high probability of completing the studies are granted the scholarship. Education is one of the few paths to change the status of the Roma community, and the relationship of the majority of the society to Roma youth, which strives for a better future not only for themselves.

Presentation of completed paintings will take place on Sunday, October 10 at 4pm.

ARTISTS: Eliška Podešvová, Johana Vlčková, Nafurt tattoo, Markéta Bábková, David Dolenský, Jonáš Urbánek, Kristýna Hejlová, Maťan velký, Veronika Šikulová, Immoral Eve, Šárka Motyčková,