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Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 2:45 PM

What happens to a relationship when one of a loving couple suddenly dies...? What happens inside the one who is left alive? In 2012, the author´s husband died tragically. Author´s new identity became a widow in her early forties with three young children. The comic book project AL WEAT 812 is a set of four parts that build on each other in time - during the four years after the loss and ten years later, in which the author processes this tragic loss and her new reality. Reflecting on the process of grief, she is in a dialogue with herself, with her dead husband, with death, and with the future. She uses the technique of collage, combining drawings, photographs and images of a personal nature. The first part of DEAD WEAT was created in the first year after the tragic event. The author's confrontation with death was aided by her often black humour in a Red Meat style. This part was published in a private comic collection Sebranka (2012). A selection of it was exhibited at the Šaufenstr Gallery in Brno. The next two parts - LOOKOUTS ( 2014) and especially the part TIME TO RESTART (2016) shift the thematic focus more towards reconciliation and a new life. Meanwhile, the last part TWO AFTER TEN YEARS is an addition to this year's ten-year anniversary.

AL WEAT 812 is an amateur comic author. She studied psychology and pedagogy at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University and works as a psychotherapist, training lector. In 2010, she initiated the creation of the comics anthology SEBRANKA, in which a free association of authors from among friends publishes comics on a given topic.