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This year, the traditional KOMA Bookshop will present both old and brand new faces. Browse or buy not only comics, educational games, zines, prints and other art printed products from various publishers and authors.

Lebo Mädveď - educational games and their unique products last year. "Lebo Mädveď is the spontaneous result of creativity and the need to create meaningful products for loved ones. Lebo Mädveď creates design games that are educational in nature. Our goal is to provide opportunities for learning, helping people develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a non-traditional, playful way that is natural and understandable to everyone. We design all of our games ourselves and make them in Slovakia using local materials."

At the Blue Moon Handicraft stand, you won't be able to resist the impression of richness and variety. You will think "that girl must be really bored, but when she does something, it's tallow". Resin frog clips, sponge carpets, giant beetles, almost vintage corsets, skewers stamped with original graphics and much more are the result of creative ecstasy.

Centrala Publishing is not to be missed, of course! "We sell good graphic literature. Our publishing house wants to appeal to male and female readers who can appreciate substantial and well-told stories. Centrala has three main editorial lines: Love (children's books and comics), Life (comics) and Death (art-books). For us, comics are a picture of life in a proper frame."

We will also introduce you to, a project by artist Kamil Macejek, a native of Poland who currently lives in Berlin. The artist is inspired by the environment of the city, its constant action and ubiquitous crowds, the plethora of cultures and street aesthetics. He also drew this inspiration from his time in Geneva, Poznan and London. He spent the first decades of the 21st century as an actor in street theatre. He now lives in the world capital of street art and continues his creative career within street art and mural making. Inspired by comics and classical art, he creates digital geometric illustrations in an Art Deco style.

Eva Jaroňová will offer her wide range of original work in textile and book/printmaking. The author graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (studio enviroment). She has completed internships at LHI Reykjavik and ASP Warsaw. She moves between fine art, design and illustration. She publishes her paintings in the form of experimental publications (Kudla Press, Hurikán Press), exhibits them in galleries with an overlap to installation and object (Kostka Gallery, Prague; Patyolat, Budapest; Galeria Studio, Warsaw) and also uses them for textile design. The themes of her work range from the internal (phobias, anxieties) to global issues (climate change, utopian visions of the future, feminism). She often uses surreal black humour in contrast with the subtlety of watercolour painting.

Labyrint Publishing House has been publishing non-commercial literature since 1992. Currently, it focuses mainly on illustrated children's books in the Raketa edition and the magazine of the same name, comic books by contemporary Czech artists and art publications for adult readers. More than 40 titles have been published in the Labyrinth KOMIKS series, which was founded by the iconic Alois Nebel.

Comics outside the bubble? Trystero Publishing was founded in January 2015 as an independent publisher focusing on quality American and European comic book production, be it comic novels or strip anthologies. "We focus primarily on works that test the boundaries of existing narrative norms, giving each title the utmost care and working with a number of respected and award-winning translators and graphic designers. Our goal is a portfolio of high-quality translated comics with first-class graphic design."

HRXPRESS - The non-existent publishing squat around XRXmag, the Comics Magazine, which for ten years featured Czech black and white comics of varying quality and focus. Most of the repertoire continues to revolve around the central duo of Tomáš Staněk and Josef Sedlák, dominated by zines and prints (we also have the latest XRX13).

Meander publishing – Meander is an independent publishing company, which with great care tends to original art works for children and youth. They publish books by Czech and international authors, by authors that are just starting out, and also the legendary ones. Meander will attend KOMA with their worldly comics for the little ones and the big ones as well. Some of the guests are French comic artists Nicolas de Crécy (The Celestial Bibendum, Salvatore, Visa Transit, etc.) or Emmanuel Gibert (Martha & Alan, Alan's war, etc.),and a legendary Argentinian comic strips author Macanudo Ricardo Linier. You can look forwad to seeing new comics like "Clown Vtipťápek" (Andrej Kolenčík & Tomáš Grečko) or Mr Cloud's Holiday (Ileana & Maria Surducan).

Tonto comics – Tonto je společenství umělců z Rakouska a Německa. Tonto Comics existuje jako platforma pro obrazovo-textovou literaturu již od roku 2000 a v současné době ji vede Helmut Kaplan (Graz, AT) a Michael Jordan (Erlangen, DE). Publikovali zatím již více než 40 knih, hudebních počinů nebo několik speciálních edicí.

Angry Albatros aka Katarina Kratochvílová (*1992) is a Czech illustrator based in Prague. She focuses mainly on applied illustration, such as magazine covers and product labels. Her work is specific with an expressive line. In 2002 her comic Used Kimono Store came in 3rd in the Japan International Manga Award.

Comics and Illustration Studio
The comics and illustration studio for children will introduce this year's Bachelor's and Master's theses. You can also look forward to seeing new short comics not only on the topic of "Deadline".